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HCSO K-9 Deputies Chosen as 1st Responder of the Month


HCSO K-9 Deputies ‘Cibo’ and ‘Turbo’ Chosen as WDEF News Channel 12’s First Responder of the Month

Hamilton County, TN – Yesterday afternoon, longtime WDEF News Channel 12 veteran reporter and media personality, Bill Mitchell, visited the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office West Annex to honor two of our K-9 deputies and their handlers as this month’s First Responder of the Month. This month’s award was given to HCSO K-9 Deputies’ Cibo and Turbo. This is the first time in the history of the WDEF First Responder of the Month awards program that this designation has been given to an animal.

Cibo and Turbo’s handlers, Deputies’ Joe Sanchez and Andrew Voss, were also honored for their service and dedication to their four-legged partners. Being a K-9 deputy is a huge responsibility as the dogs not only work with their handlers during shifts, but live with them and their families twenty-four hours a day. Their responsibilities include housing, feeding, and training the dogs in order to maintain effective operational readiness and a healthy, safe environment.

“Many people do not realize the sacrifice our K-9 handlers make in order to care for and maintain these extraordinary animals,” stated Sheriff Jim Hammond. “The level of initial and on-going training that goes into maintaining an operational K-9 is staggering and I commend our deputies who have accepted the challenge and commitment,” he further noted.

Each month, WDEF News Channel 12 selects a local first responder who has contributed greatly to the safety and security of our community or has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve those in need.

Cibo and Turbo have been very effective in their roles providing assistance with the apprehension of suspects and the detection of illegal substances.

“Cibo and Turbo are amazing K-9 deputies and the work they perform each and every day is critical to the daily operations of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office,” stated Chief Deputy Allen Branum. “There are so many things they can do with their incredible sense of smell, endurance, and agility that humans cannot replicate as effectively,” he further noted.

Both Cibo and Turbo, along with their handlers, Deputies’ Joe Sanchez and Andrew Voss, are great assets to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

A link to last night’s story can be found by visiting: https://wdef.com/2018/02/09/first-responder-salutes-k9-officers/

Please offer your congratulations and support to K-9 Deputies’ Cibo and Turbo, as well as Deputies’ Joe Sanchez and Andrew Voss, for their service to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Hamilton County.

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