Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Masthead

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Phone: (423) 209-7000
After Hours / Non-Emergency: 423-622-0022
Emergency: Dial 911
HCSO Sitemap

Below is a hierarchical view of the structure of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office public website. For clarity, a description of the divisions and services have been included.

  • Home
  • Submit a Tip
  • General Info

    Here you will find general information about the organization, our Past Sheriff's, the history of Hamilton County, the Sheriff's Message to citizens, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • PIO

    The office of the Public Information Officer.

  • Support Services
    • Accreditation

      Information regarding the HCSO's CALEA Accreditation.

    • Communications

      Description of the HCSO Communications Division's roles and responsibilities.

    • Grants

      Information on what grants that the HCSO is seeking and participating in.

    • Training

      Information regarding the HCSO's Training Division. Log-in portal for HCSO Personnel undergoing training.

  • Administration

    Information on the HCSO's Administration Divisions.

    • Command Staff

      Get to know the Command Staff of the HCSO.

    • Finance

      Information describing the Finance Division.

    • Information Systems

      Information on the Information Services Division.

    • Records

      Information on the HCSO's Records Division's roles and responsibilities.

    • Purchasing

      Information on the Purchasing Division.

    • Human Resources

      Information on the Purchasing Division.

  • Corrections

    Information about the Hamilton County Correctional Facility.

    • Administration

      Information on the various aspects of the Corrections Administration.

    • Operations

      Information on the various aspects of the Corrections Operations.

    • Programs

      Information on the various programs available to inmates.

    • Support Services

      Information on the Commissary, Health, Kitchen, and Maintenance Divisions.

    • Submit a PREA Tip

      Confidentially submit incidents of sexual, abuse or assault to the Hamilton County Correctional Facility.

    • Training

      Information on the Corrections Training Division.

    • Standards & Accreditation

      Information on the HCSO's Standards and Accreditation efforts.

    • Booking Reports

      Information on the HCSO's Booking Reports for the last 30 days.

    • Inmate Information Online

      Check in on inmates, see their court dates, and bond amounts.

  • Investigations
    • Open Warrant Information Online

      Search through Hamilton County's list of Active Warrants and submit tips to the Fugitive Division.

    • Internal Affairs

      Information on the HCSO's Internal Affairs Division and procedures.

    • Domestic Violence

      Information on domestic violence, as well as phone numbers of services.

    • Fugitive

      Information on the Fugitive Division.

    • Narcotics

      Information on the Narcotics Division and ways to submit anonymous tips.

    • Coldcase Files

      A collection of cases that have remained open and unsolved.

    • Personal Crimes

      Information on HCSO's Personal Crimes Division.

    • Sex Offender Registry

      Information on HCSO's Personal Crimes Division, as well as phone numbers for services.

    • Property Crimes

      Information on HCSO's Property Crimes Division.

    • Property & Evidence

      Information on HCSO's Property & Evidence Division.

    • Special Services

      Information on HCSO's Special Services Division, encompassing Electronic Crimes, the Evidence Response Team, and Fire Investigations.

    • S.U.R.T.

      Information on the Sheriff's Underwater Recovery Team.

  • Uniform Services