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The Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Foundation is a 501c(3) organization initially formed by Sheriff Jim Hammond and numerous private individuals in 2010. It's purpose is threefold:

  1. To provide funds for continued training for law enforcement agencies in Hamilton County.
  2. To provide funds for new technological upgrades.
  3. To provide funds for innovative programs that benefit the community as well as law enforcement.

Innovative technology has become the center of good law enforcement. And although the original tools of the trade still apply, today’s officer needs an ever-expanding arsenal of forensic and defensive tools at their disposal. Laptops and video surveillance are only part of the equation. New methods of utilizing tech, such as forensic analysis and application development are the new vanguard of law enforcement.

Command Leadership Training
Career development leadership, along with a practical application of law enforcement training, contributes to better protect the public we serve. Transformational Leadership is a moral concept, in that it raises the level of human conduct and ethical aspiration of both our leaders and citizenry, thereby having a transformational effect upon both. Transformation Leadership also arouses a heightened awareness and interest in the organization, moving followers gradually away from the status quo, towards a concern for achievement and growth.

Innovative Programming
A close working relationship between the business community, law enforcement, and citizens, can exist to serve the needs of both the public and the private sector. Programs such as Neighborhood Watch, the Reserve Officer’s Corp, the Safe Journey Car-Seat Program, and the Chaplaincy Program, are just a few of such innovative programs.

The men and women of law enforcement tirelessly perform their duties, contributing to the safety and security that all of our citizens enjoy. They keep us safe from violent criminals and repeat offenders, by maintaining a secure jail, as well as keep the wheels of justice running smoothly by protecting the lives of the citizens and lawmakers who do business in our courts.

Hamilton County’s population and potential for growth is expected to increase dramatically over the coming years. New economic forces will bring an increased demand for the need of professional and timely law enforcement services in our region.

Economic realities of our day have made a noticeable impact on the field of law enforcement. Now, more than ever, we are challenged to do more with less. And yet, the criminal-element in our society possess an ever-expanding pool of resources to challenge the order and prosperity that our citizens enjoy.

In order to meet these new realities, we need the direction and the vision that comes from the participation of private individuals, the members of the business community who can make a true difference in helping chart a course for the future of law enforcement.