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Sheriff Hammond to Address Officer-Operated Radar System


Hamilton County's Sheriff Jim Hammond will be appearing on WGOW's Morning Press with Jeff Styles at 8:00 am tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 21, to discuss the proposed officer-operated radar program.

After public concerns have been expressed, Sheriff Hammond wants to personally address any questions related to the proposed safety initiative.

"I'll be available to answer your questions and help distinguish between the fixed traffic light cameras and the officer-operated radar we have suggested," said Sheriff Hammond. "The entire state of Tennessee has been working to reduce traffic-related deaths and serious injuries, which all too often result from excessive speeding."

The Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system is a radar system meant for use in high traffic-incident related areas, such as school zones, construction zones, and high traffic volume roadways in Hamilton County.

In light of the rising number of traffic-related deaths and injuries, there is a greater focus on speed reduction in Hamilton County. This radar initiative is a proposal for targeted areas with a history of speed violations.

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