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HCSO Presentation at National FRA Police Recruitment & Retention Summit


Hamilton County, TN – Last week, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office’s Human Resources Recruitment Unit participated in the 2024 Foundation Research Associates (FRA) Police Recruitment & Retention Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Police Recruitment and Retention Summit is one of the Nation’s foremost annual events for police personnel to come together and gain new skills and best-practices as they relate to recruitment tactics, employee retention, and creative insights to successfully tackle the ever-changing competitive market of law enforcement recruitment.

The conference offers opportunities for law enforcement and human resources personnel to network with their peers to find new strategies to recruit and retain qualified individuals with a focus on in-person recruitment strategies, lateral hiring best practices, and maximizing data to make informed decisions.

During this year’s conference, HCSO Administrative Coordinator, Rachel Frizzell, was invited to present on ways the HCSO Recruiting Unit is leading the way in innovative recruitment-based strategies focusing on data management and the utilization of exit interviews.

During her presentations, Ms. Frizzell spoke on how HCSO's recruitment efforts drastically changed after the 2020 jail transition, when the HCSO gained operational oversight of the Silverdale Detention Center, now known as the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center. These presentations also covered how HCSO collects and uses data to help with our recruitment efforts and to help retain current employees. Lastly, the presentations covered how other agencies can create processes or take ideas from our successful processes to implement at their agencies.

Overall, our agency’s creative and innovative recruitment efforts have positively changed our ability to recruit talented, professional candidates.

For more information about the National FRA Police Recruitment & Retention Summit, visit: https://policerecruitment.fraconferences.com/.

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