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HCSO Advises Community of Potential SCAMS


Hamilton County, TN - Once again, the HCSO has been made aware of several scams making their way throughout our community involving individuals who are contacting citizens advising them that they have outstanding warrants. The caller, who claims to be from the HCSO, states that to dismiss their warrant, they must purchase a pre-loaded debit card and pay a fee for removal. In some cases, the caller may spoof a legitimate HCSO phone number or provide false documentation. Callers also claim the individual may have missed their scheduled jury duty and that a warrant has also been issued following the same requirement for payment.

PLEASE NOTE: The HCSO will never solicit money from a citizen for any reason to dismiss a warrant. Please do not offer funds over the phone to anyone who claims to be from the HCSO. If you do have an active warrant through the HCSO, you will be asked to turn yourself in at the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center or arrested. You can also verify online through the HCSO website at http://www.hcsheriff.gov/cid/owio/default.php if you do have an active warrant.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a member of the HCSO and you feel the caller may not be legitimate, please get their name, phone number, badge number, and the name of their immediate supervisor. Then hang up and contact the HCSO at 423-209-7000.

Attached are two examples of fraudulent documentation/voicemails that citizens have received.

Once again, the HCSO will NEVER solicit funds from you over the phone for any reason. You will be contacted via certified mail or asked to come to one of our designated HCSO offices to meet with legitimate law enforcement in person.

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