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HCSO Responds to ‘Swatting Call’ Regarding Brainerd High School


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Responds to ‘Swatting Call’ Regarding Brainerd High School

Hamilton County, TN – Just moments ago, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with law enforcement and first responders throughout the county responded to Brainerd High School after a call an active shooter was in the building. After further investigation, the phone call was found to be one of several swatting calls made alleging threats to schools throughout east Tennessee.

At this time, law enforcement personnel are on the scene at Brainerd High School and no confirmed active shooter threat has been located.

Swatting calls are meant to be a tactic utilized to deceive emergency services and law enforcement by contacting dispatchers or other communication means alleging a false incident is occurring to solicit a response. For more information about swatting calls and how they are being used to disrupt normal operations of schools, hospitals, and other government-based organizations, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swatting.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office personnel will always take any threat made against our schools or our community seriously until determined to be false or unfounded.

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