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HCSO Warns of SCAM Involving Sex Offender Registry


Hamilton County, TN – The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Office would like to alert the community of a phone SCAM involving the use of either pre-paid money cards or credit/debit card to pay for a DNA test in order to avoid criminal prosecution. Currently this SCAM has been directed at registered sex offenders.

Sex Offender Registry personnel have been notified that various registered sex offenders have received a telephone call from a person alleging to be with the HCSO named Officer Davenport. They are then informed their DNA is not currently on file and informed they will need to pay $1500 for a DNA test in order to avoid being prosecuted and/or jail time. Others have been notified that their original test was not completed correctly and must be redone to avoid jail time or criminal prosecution.

The caller then either arranges a location to meet the offender or makes a call for payment which is usually in the form of VISA/Master Card. If via phone, the imposter keeps the offender on the line as they run the card and then remotely enters the card number while on the phone with the offender. At least one reported registered offender has been swindled out of approximately $3000.

It is unclear at this time how the contact information for various registered sex offenders has been obtained, but the SCAM is under investigation by the HCSO Criminal Investigations Division.

In the meantime, the HCSO is asking any registered sex offenders in Hamilton County who receive a phone call from a person alleging they are with the HCSO Sex Offender Registry Office other than their normal case worker, to please notify their case agent immediately.

No further details are available at this time.

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