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HCSO Mourns the Passing of K-9 Deputy Quanto


Sheriff Jim Hammond and the HCSO are sad to announce that yesterday, July 13th, we lost Quanto, one of our beloved, retired K-9 deputies.

Quanto served for several years with distinction and officially retired in 2014. He was trained in criminal apprehension, handler protection, tracking, and narcotics detection.

During Quanto’s distinguished career, he was credited with assisting federal, state, and local law enforcement with numerous suspect apprehensions as well as countless narcotics seizures which ultimately led to successful prosecutions at the federal and state level.

During his well-deserved retirement, Quanto lived with his handler, Detective Mickey Rountree and his family spending his days as a cherished, friend and companion.

The HCSO is proud of Quanto and his service to our community.

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