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Sheriff's Posse

The Sheriff’s Posse is a unique group of individuals who are vetted and awarded an honorary commission to be called upon for special service should the Sheriff deem necessary, to carry out various duties inside the County. These duties can range from performing extra security, to assisting in wide-area searches. Per a 1858 law, posses can be created to suppress “affrays, riots, routs, unlawful assemblies, insurrections or other breaches of peace."

Every citizen in good standing under the law has an open invitation to apply for the Sheriff’s Posse. The Posse is not now, nor ever has been an exclusive membership. It has always been a support group for the sheriff by word-of-mouth invitation.

This position is primarily honorary and will only be in force if you are called up to “active service” in the event of a county-wide crisis such as a disaster, significant law enforcement event, search and rescue or similar situation. This authority of the sheriff is ratified in law based on TCA 8 8-213 and grants such power to the sheriff at the time of the call-up to service. If you already possess a hand gun carry permit in the state of Tennessee, you will be authorized to carry a weapon as part of your call-up assignment under color of law. In order to have a permit to carry you must apply through the state of Tennessee.

Please read over the application, complete the application and return it to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. Please enclose a passport picture or digital picture with your application or make an appointment with our office to have a photo taken.

Also, please find enclosed a copy of our Policy and Procedure for Sheriff’s Posse. It is important that you read this over and fully understand and agree with all its terms. If you have any questions about this Policy or about the Posse, please feel free to contact 209-7000.

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