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Hamilton County’s newest addition to their patrol forces are eight Mounted Horses, especially housed and trained to provide service in remote areas, parade ceremony, and military-style processionals. In 2008, newly elected Sheriff Jim Hammond requested the reactivation of the old horse patrol, not active since the late ‘80’s.

To this end, it was decided to seek outside resources to fund the additional costs that the County would normally incur. A private donor was procurred, a vetting process was established to locate and house qualified equine candidates, and finally, a rigorous training process was implemented to ensure safety as well as effectiveness in the field.

The Horse Patrol isn’t simply for show. All equine candidates must be able to operate in heavily trafficked areas, able to maintain their composure in the event of a sudden surprise movement or noise, and still maintain a sense of readiness should it’s Officer command it to react. In addition to it’s patrol duties, the Mounted Horse Patrol offers a unique level of support to Hamilton County’s Search and Rescue Operations. The animal’s unique ability to negotiate harsh terrain in inclement weather ensures effective search and rescue interoperability with other County Resources.

All of our Mounted Patrol Officers are certified County Officers, specially trained to maintain and operate the patrol. They can most often be observed providing support and color for county events, festival crowd control, ceremonial processions, and special competitions.

Horse Patrol Division
6233 Dayton Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37343
Phone: (423) 209-8928
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