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Commissary - The commissary is operated by jail staff. Inmates are permitted to order and purchase items from the commissary with the funds being deducted from their accounts. Items available include correspondence material, hygiene items, food products, and clothing items. Provisions are made for indigent inmates to receive basic necessities.

Food Services - Prepares and serves approximately 1,800 meals daily at an average cost of $1.89 per day per inmate. A Health Department dietician approves menus annually. Food Services also provides a variety of medical and religious diets. The kitchen’s bakery makes all bread products fresh daily. Inmate meals are delivered by “hot carts” and consumed in their living areas. Meals are prepared by inmate workers and adhere to Nationally Recommended Dietary Standards.

Health Services - The Hamilton County Jail and Erlanger Hospital have contracted to provide a comprehensive health services program. Professional medical, nursing, and health care services are provided including consultation on the preliminary screening of inmates upon arrival at the jail, a comprehensive health evaluation, sick call, nursing coverage, emergency medical care, medication administration, preventative care, ancillary services, special medical programs and diets, quality assurance program, and medical administrative support. The medical clinic is connected to the Hospital's emergency room by a Telemedicine link as well. A dentist is on site eight hours weekly to provide for dental care of inmates.

Maintenance - This service is provided by the county Maintenance Department. Two full time employees provide daily maintenance services to the facility.

Quartermaster - This area includes laundry, sanitation services, supply, and inmate property. Our primary concern is providing clean laundry, a clean and safe facility and concern for the security of the inmate’s property.

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