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Corrections-Special Response Team

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office SRT Teams are a group of specially trained corrections officers who are utilized in incidents or disciplined teamwork. Specialized weapons and tactical skills are required to deal with and resolve correctional facility incidents deemed “high risk” in nature. The SRT Teams are used for a variety of situations including cell extractions, hostage situations, high risk searches, high risk transports, and riots that may occur at the facility.

The SRT Teams were developed in 1997 at the request of the Chief of Corrections. Since that time to present, we have a minimum of 35 trained Correctional staff personnel. All new members are required to complete a Basic SRT course of 60 hours. Qualification requirements consist of both physical fitness, weapons qualifications, and unarmed self-defense techniques (PPCT). For advanced qualifications, SRT members must achieve 91 hours of continuous training. Both Basic and Advanced must re-certify annually.

Lt. Jim Wildes
601 Walnut Street
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Phone: (423) 209-7050

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