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The Hamilton County Jail Counseling section includes: A licensed counselor from the Mental Health Cooperative and a Master’s of Divinity level Chaplain/Program Coordinator.

On site Mental Health Services were implemented in September 1999 and provide case management and psychiatric services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness. The Case Manager is responsible for assessment, crisis intervention, advocacy, after care planning, and staff mental health/suicide identification and intervention training.

The Counselor advises inmates regarding educational and occupational alternatives; provides crisis intervention counseling to inmates experiencing emotional and/or physical crisis; assists inmates in developing awareness of their problems, values, and social and practical skills to deal with the realities of daily living.

The Jail Chaplain/Program Coordinator plans, directs and administers all aspects of programs both spiritual and secular; is responsible for the approval and training of all lay and clergy volunteers from faiths represented by the inmate population; develops and maintains a close working relationship with community resources, and visits with inmates daily.

The following is a partial list of programs available to inmates incarcerated in the Hamilton County Jail:

  • Religious awareness programs - via basic Biblical and Quran studies, Sunday worship and Jumah services, in-depth doctrinal exegesis, and correspondence courses inmates have the opportunity to explore, affirm and/or reaffirm their spiritual and/or religious foundations.
    1. Holy Communion
    2. Sunday A.M. Worship
    3. Sunday P.M. Worship
    4. Wednesday P.M. Worship
    5. New Believers
    6. Emmaus Walk
    7. Living Well By Faith
    8. Jumah
    9. Catholic Worship
  • Secular awareness programs - from juvenile to senior citizen; relationship building, anger management, constructive decision making, overcoming addictive tendencies, conflict management and child discipline are just some of the topics addressed through secular programming in the Hamilton County Jail.
    1. Adult GED Education
    2. Leading the Way
    3. Alcoholics Anonymous
    4. Beyond the Bars
    5. Transformation Project
    6. House of Refuge
    7. Stephen's Table
    8. Art Class

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