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Security Shifts - Three security shifts provide around the clock custody and control of the inmate population as well as the daily operations of the jail. Correctional Officers are assigned to a variety of positions that include floor operations (inmate housing units), visitation, central control, booking, court holding, internal and external transportation duties.

Mental Health Transports - The Corrections Division has been tasked with providing transportation services for citizens within Hamilton County who have been identified as potentially harmful to themselves or others as a result of mental health problems. A Crisis Response Team member who makes a determination that the citizen may be at risk conducts an assessment. A Certificate of Need is prepared and the jail is contacted requesting transportation. Transportation is typically provided from the scene to Moccasin Bend Mental Health Facility or any other designated facility.

Facility Inspections - Copy for T.C.I. - Fire Safety - Maintenance - Cleanliness - etc to express the administration’s concern to run a safe and secure facility.

Captain John Swope
601 Walnut Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: (423) 209-7055
Fax: (423) 209-7056

Security Section

Several components make up this section. They include:

  • Security
  • Security Supervisor
  • Disciplinary/Workforce Officer
  • Segregation/Movement Officer
  • Security Intelligence Officer
  • Recreation Officer

Security - This area plays a significant role within the daily operation of the Corrections Division. This section is responsible for security operations, physical plant security, emergency plans, fire and life safety, security vulnerability assessments, security threat group management, transports, equipment upkeep, inmate phone system, video monitoring system, radio frequency identification devices, and compiling the monthly security report.

Security Supervisor - This supervisor oversees daily operation and coordinates all safety and security inspections of the facility and follow up on needed repairs and/or corrections, responsible for facility key and lock control, video monitoring equipment, security equipment inventory, communications equipment, kitchen tool inventory and equipment, and vehicle maintenance and upkeep; oversees the Security Threat Group (STG) task force, visitation, inmate workforce and recreation programs, disciplinary process, segregated inmates; high risk, administrative, disciplinary, pre-hearing disciplinary, protective custody, special needs inmates, kitchen tool inventory and equipment; and contraband reduction program; coordinate inmate transports, movement of inmates within the facility to medical, programs, arraignment, court assigned housing areas pending and after classification; conducts educational tours and outside training for the general public as well as other agencies. He is actively involved with in-service and pre-service training.

Disciplinary/Workforce Officer - This officer is responsible for the Inmate Disciplinary process. This includes reviewing all disciplinary reports, inmate rights advisements, conducting disciplinary hearings, briefing results of hearings to the Jail Captain, and preparing and briefing inmate appeals to the disciplinary process. He also reviews applications submitted by inmates requesting to participate in the Inmate Workforce Program. He coordinates the hiring of all inmates and their work assignments according to Classification, Medical and Case Management. This officer is actively involved in the facility training program.

Segregation/Movement Officer - This officer monitors all inmates housed in a segregation area. He monitors inmates in all classes of Administrative and Disciplinary segregation to ensure the need for segregation is necessary, and ensures those serving a disciplinary segregation sentence are removed on their expiration date. This officer also ensures that weekly and monthly segregation reviews are conducted by appropriate staff members. He works in a coordinated effort with the Classification Section, Medical, and Case Management to ensure that all inmates are properly housed. He also coordinates the movement of inmates throughout the facility in compliance with the Classification decisions. This officer is actively involved in the facility training program.

Security Intelligence Officer - This officer conducts in-house investigations on Protective Custody, Security Threat Groups, Grievances, and Disciplinary infractions as directed by the Security Supervisor. He also maintains the inmate phone system, oversees needed repairs, coordinates updates, and makes recommendations on improvements. This officer is actively involved in the facility training program.

Recreation Officer - This officer ensure that all inmates have an opportunity to indoor/outdoor recreation as scheduled; maintains operational schedule of organized recreational activities; Oversees and maintains accountability for all recreational equipment; Supervises the operation of the inmate library; Locates and maintains a good supply and diversity of acceptable paperback reading material for distribution to inmates. He also oversees the distribution of legal and bulk mail to the inmate population.

Lt. Gene Coppinger
Corrections Security Supervisor
601 Walnut Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: (423) 209-7176
Fax: (423) 209-7192

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