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Corrections Accreditation

The Hamilton County Jail strives to provide high-quality confinement services in a safe and humane environment. We are currently working toward national accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) while maintaining state certification with the Tennessee Corrections Institute (TCI). Being awarded with ACA and NCCHC national accreditation, along with the department's CALEA accreditation will award the Sheriff's Office the "Triple Crown".

National and state standards address services, programs, and operations essential to effective correctional management. Through accreditation, an agency is able to maintain a balance between protecting the public and providing an environment that safeguards the life, health, and safety of staff and offenders. The goal of each standard is to prescribe the best possible practices that could be achieved today, while being both realistic and practical. Standards recognize current case law, and endeavor to be clear, relevant, and comprehensive. They include the requirement for practices to promote sound administration and fiscal operations, an adequate physical plant, adherence to legal criteria and the provision of basic services, such as providing a safe and secure living environment and training of staff.

Adhering to national and state standards for accredited status includes benefits such as:

  • Safeguarding the life, health, and safety of the staff and offenders
  • Aiding in the defense of potential lawsuits
  • Providing a systematic evaluation of all areas of agency administration and operation
  • Improving management through the creation or refinement of written policies and procedures for all areas of agency operation
  • Providing management and line staff the opportunity to work together to assess needs and develop solutions
  • Providing evidence demonstrating compliance with best practices for correctional agencies
  • Giving recognition for achievement, improving staff morale, and demonstrating accountability to the public

Achieving and maintaining national accreditation requires both effort and commitment from agency staff. It is our continued effort to stay true to our mission of "Commitment to Excellence for all Citizens with Fair and Equitable Performance".

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